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The Bean Scene Blend

A medium roast coffee blended especially for the bean scene by our local roaster. A rich smooth coffee with a creamy lingering flavour. A superb taste.

Rio Italian

A high caffeine hit from this smoky rich espresso containing a high percentage of top quality washed Indonesian Robusta.

Ipanema Espresso (certified rainforest alliance coffee)

This single origin coffee is sweet, has great body and is a little nutty. An exceptional cup of coffee.

Nicaraguan Estate (certified rainforest alliance coffee)

Single origin dark roast coffee with a velvety dark chocolate finish. Perfect for espresso or milk based drinks. 

New Guinea Sigri Peaberry

Peaberry bens grow one to a cherry pod instead of the usual two. They are favoured for their complex acid development in a medium roast that produces some of the world’s best filter and plunger coffee.

Yemen Mokha Ismaili

From the wilds of Africa comes on of the most interesting of coffees. A savoury flavour accompanied by deep rich characteristics unlike any other bean. A rare treat.


This single origin Arabica coffee is from the eastern highlands of PNG. It is a crisp, clean acidic coffee with spicy, fruity overtones.

Ethiopian Djimma

Dark and strong. This blend will Knock your socks off! An excellent espresso ... single origin coffee.

Sulawesi Kalosi

A big bold taste and beautifully smooth. Not for the faint-hearted.

Bruno Rossi Caffe UNO

Cafe Uno's medium dark roast produces a balanced coffee with a rich strong edge. Reminiscent of a traditional Sicilain style coffee, with a maple syrup finish, it's a coffee you will not forget.

Bruno Rossi Caffe ALTO

Full-bodied, with nutty caramel notes and a licorice finish. Slow-roasted to achieve a superior, rich, well rounded and flavoursome coffee, this excellent Tuscan-inspired espresso is ideal for the milk-based coffees.

Midnight Oil

This sensational double roasted coffee is rich and dark with a full bodied flavour, packed with a punch and not a hint of bitterness.

Central American Maragogype

A rounded, earthy medium roast with an all over palate flavour. A great coffee at any time of the day or night.

Golden Mocha

A chocolaty medium roast, light in the cheeks with a rich espresso flavour.

Colombian Supremo

A light roast with a wonderfully light espresso flavour.

Orgasmic Blend

This will certainly give it to you. A rich dark double roast with a full espresso taste. It goes off with a bang!!!

Jet Fuel

A chocolaty dark roast that packs a punch.

PNG Organic

A fresh, rich medium roast of Certified Organic Beans.

Colombian Decaf

A lovely tangy medium roast. Colombian beans without the caffeine. A refreshing espresso flavour.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated

A tangy medium roast, full of flavour. Decaffeinated without the use of chemicals.

Uganda White Nile

A single origin, organic coffee from the african continent. A wonderful full bodied coffee that is low in acidity. Produces a great espresso and lends itself well as a good plunger coffee.