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Bean Scene Around


The Bean Scene Blend

A medium roast coffee blended especially for the bean scene by our local roaster. A rich smooth coffee with a creamy lingering flavour. A superb taste.

Bean Scene Storm

A sweet & intense blend with a slightly nutty aftertaste

Bruno Rossi

Inspired by italy's love affair with espresso, full bodied for the discerning coffee drinker. Rich aroma & velvety smooth

Brazil Yello Bourbon

Full bodied. Great for espresso or latte. single origin.

Columbia Supreme

A tangy smooth columbian coffee, very pleasing on the palate.

East Timor Organic

Single origin, arabica. Sweet, syrupy and heavy bodied.

Ethiopian Djimma

Dark and strong. This blend will Knock your socks off! An excellent espresso ... single origin coffee.

Ethiopian Harrar

A big african coffee. full bodied. single origin.

Our Fortchunate Blend

a smooth rich blend with caramel and chocolate overtones, full bodied with floral and cocoa aromas.

Indian TIger Mountain

Shade grown arabica, full bodied taste with a creamy dark cocoa finish

Ipanema Espresso (certified rainforest alliance coffee)

This single origin coffee is sweet, has great body and is a little nutty. An exceptional cup of coffee.

Jet Fuel

A chocolaty dark roast that packs a punch.


Kenya Mocha

one of the worlds best AA grade beans. Smooth mellow taste with faint citrus notes.

Mexican Blend

Full bodied with chocolate undertones, smooth.

Nash Lane

Full bodied, wine acidity and pear sweetness. Complimented by cacao and hazelnut undertones.

Nicaraguan Estate (certified rainforest alliance coffee)

Single origin dark roast coffee with a velvety dark chocolate finish. Perfect for espresso or milk based drinks. 

New Guinea Sigri Peaberry

Peaberry bens grow one to a cherry pod instead of the usual two. They are favoured for their complex acid development in a medium roast that produces some of the world’s best filter and plunger coffee.

New York

Intense full flavour, yet refreshing, sweet lingering after taste.

Peru Santa Martha

Shade grown arabica from villa rica region. rich, strong and aromatic. Organic rainforest alliance.

Sumatran Mandheling

The big bold shiraz of coffee, Strong rich and smo

Sulawesi Kalosi

A big bold taste and beautifully smooth. Not for the faint-hearted.

Midnight Oil

This sensational double roasted coffee is rich and dark with a full bodied flavour, packed with a punch and not a hint of bitterness.

Central American Maragogype

A rounded, earthy medium roast with an all over palate flavour. A great coffee at any time of the day or night

Orgasmic Blend

This will certainly give it to you. A rich dark double roast with a full espresso taste. It goes off with a bang!!!

Swiss Water Decaffeinated

A tangy medium roast, full of flavour. Decaffeinated without the use of chemicals.