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Expobar Office Barista Minore

Price inc. GST: $2,805rrp

The Expobar Office Barista Minore is a single group espresso machine, built to the highest quality, with a stainless steel body and the E-61 group head design with a lever action brewing mechanism, the same as its cousin, the Office Control Leva.

The difference between these machines is at the boiler configuration. The Barista Minore unitlizes a multi boiler system, controlled by a PID sensor. The first boiler is for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water going to the second boiler, where the PID sensor can be used to adjust the temperature of the water that is delivered at the group head. This allows you to adjust the profile of the coffee, and to get the best out of your beans.

The Barista Minore runs off a 2.75 litre water tank, allowing you to put it anywhere you want it, without needing to have access to a mains water supply, and has one stainless steel steam arm and one hot water tap.


This machine is also available in a plumbled version so that is can be run from a mains water supply. Please ask for price and availability on this model.